SleepHQ Privacy Policy

For those who made it to this page we would like to say THANK YOU! It means you care about your personal data and guess what….So do we! Our data policy might not read like that of a big corporate company but it’s something we take very seriously. Check it out and if you have any privacy concerns shoot us an email at [email protected]

1. What we collect
  • Name
  • Email
  • Time Zone
  • CPAP Data
  • That Naughty Dream You Had*

2. How we use it
To build, improve and provide technical support for sleepHQ and its users. It sounds simple but it’s true. We also perform anonymised statistical analysis and research to develop new products and services. 

3. How we protect & store it
Data security is a core pillar of SleepHQ.  Adam has a background in cybersecurity and has worked on I.T. projects with the U.S. Government. Our data centers are secured with digital and physical protections compliant with the latest industry standards. 

4. Who we share it with
ResMed….Only joking. With SleepHQ you control your data. You can upload it, store it, share it, download it and delete it all on your own terms. We don’t share it without your permission. 

5. Your personal data rights
We believe that your data is exactly that….your data! Your rights include
Access - You have the right to request your data
Portability - At anytime you can download all data from you SleepHQ account
Correction - You have full control to modify your data through SleepHQ
Erasure - At any time you can completely delete your account & all associated data. 

*Currently SleepHQ does not collect dream data but we have vivid imaginations! 

Lots of love - Nicko & Adsy.

SleepHQ is made with ❤️ by Nick and Adam