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G’day mates! Welcome to SleepHQ

We’re Nick & Adam from Melbourne. Nick is a sleep technologist with a degree in biomedical science & Adam is a web developer who has worked on projects with the U.S government.

Together we developed SleepHQ. The first ever cloud based, cpap data analytics platform to improve health outcomes and adherence rates of CPAP users around the world.

Sleep Apnea is a condition that affects millions of people around the world! CPAP therapy is considered the gold standard for treating Apnea however adherence rates are low ranging from only 30-60%. Many patients give up due to lack of support.

SleepHQ is a CPAP support community where users can upload, review and share their therapy data with anyone and from anywhere! Review your apnea score, track therapy trends and make positive therapy changes to improve your sleep and wellbeing.

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Lots of love

Nick & Adam

SleepHQ is made with ❤️ by Nick and Adam